The Problem with Plugins

Wordpress is an amazing platform, with both free and premium plugins to enhance and extend your site’s functionality. But, of course, there’s a downside, which is that too many plugins can have a massive impact on the speed and security of your site.

Why Your Business Should Blog

There’s a lot of talk about blogging and writing articles for your website, but as a small business owner or sole trader, you might wonder why you’d spend time producing such content. Here are just a few reasons to explain why it’s a good investment.

What’s a Call-To-Action (CTA)?

You need your online presence to be professional and sleek, and the last thing you want is to look desperate. So why is there such a buzz around phrases like ‘Get in touch!’, ‘Call us today!’, ‘Buy now!’, etc?

Why WordPress?

Most of the websites we build at StudioWEISS are based on the WordPress platform. What makes WordPress so popular, and why do we prefer it to other CMS solutions like Drupal and Joomla?

Why hire a professional for your website?

With so many build-it-yourself websites out there, it can be tempting to ‘save’ money by designing and developing your own website. In some cases this may be true, but here are some things to consider when comparing DIY to a professional service.

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