Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we have answers! You’re always welcome to get in touch to discuss your needs with us, but for convenience, we’ve provided some general answers to our most common queries to help save you time!

Good question! We’re working on getting it up soon, but lately we’ve been working on so many projects that we’ve had to put our case studies on the back burner. We’d love to discuss and show you some projects we’ve worked on, so please get in touch to see some examples of what we’ve already achieved for our clients.

The websites we build can range from £500-£5,000, often including training, social media branding and management, and copywriting services. It all depends on what you want to achieve, and the resources you can assign towards your goals. The best way to get a personalised quote is to get in touch!

You’re more than welcome to use your own domain name (in fact, we encourage you to always keep ownership over your domain name, separately from your hosting), but we can provide domain registration services for you. We’ll always register a new domain under your name, so that the ownership rights belong to you, and you alone.

If you wish, we can launch your website to your own hosting server or service, provided it meets the basic system requirements for the software that we use.

With every new website, we provide one year of free, basic managed hosting. You’re also welcome to choose a more extensive managed hosting package if you wish (with a discount for the first year) to meet your maintenance and reporting needs.

If you’d like to provide your own content, or have a copywriter who will provide content on your behalf, we welcome you to do so. However, due to the nature of our workflow, we ask that you provide all intended content in full, before we begin to design your website. If necessary, we can also help but providing a content plan, to help you fill in the blanks.

We believe that great design communicates a message, and to communicate that message to the best effect, we need to design with the content in mind!

Content writing can be very time consuming when you have other business tasks to attend to, so we do recommend including copywriting services with your website for the best results. To do this, we simply send you a detailed questionnaire about your business, your customers, and your goals, and use the information you provide to whip up some exciting, persuasive content that’s optimised for both readers and search engines!

Calm down, tiger! In order to be great at what we do, our services are primarily focused on design and marketing. Whilst it’s possible that we can provide project management for a more technical solution, you’ll need to give us some details, so we can tap into our network of experts and ensure that it’ll be achievable within budget and timeframe. This type of work isn’t usually carried out in-house, so it may take us a little time to write a project spec and negotiate quotations for your idea.

No. While some of these companies started off small, they’re built and maintained by a large team with many combined years of experience in providing a particular solution. We’re a small boutique service, and whilst we appreciate clients with big dreams, we have to be realistic about the type of market share they’re likely to have when in competition with online giants.

We can, however, provide social media branding, advertising, and content management to help you make the most of preexisting social media networks. Give us a call to find out more!

Yes! Once your project fees are paid in full, your website is yours to do with as you wish. Should you want to whisk it away to another developer or hosting company (we hope that you won’t!), we’ll even help you with the move.

However, some software and visual assets that we may use (stock photography, for example), may have licensing restrictions that limits their use, so we advise that you only use those assets for your website and online marketing material. If you want to use these assets for other forms of marketing (billboards, mass-print, TV advertising, etc), we can advise you on how you can obtain the appropriate licenses to ensure you’re legally compliant.

Absolutely! As long as you have a means of digital contact (ideally video or voice chat and email), we can work together. If there are any specific laws or regulations (GDPR, multi-lingual, etc) that need to be taken into account for your website, please let us know and we’ll do our best to oblige!

If you just need some housekeeping, that’s fine. However, we specialise in WordPress websites, and occasionally static (non-CMS) websites. We’re happy to take a look at other systems, but may not have the in-house technical know-how to provide amendments or a reliable maintenance package for you. If this is the case, we’ll usually suggest another provider who can help you out!

Typically, we use WordPress (open source), combined with premium themes and plugins. We also use Adobe software for design, and tools like Trello, Miro, and Google Drive for project planning and collaboration.

If we use premium tools (such as themes and plugins with an annual renewal fee), we’ll cover the renewals for a minimum of two years. If we ever decide to change our tools (we have no plans to!), we’ll give you full details of any costs and how to purchase your own licenses.

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